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O parku - KPK

About the Park (KPK)

Kozienicki Landscape Park was created in 1983 in order to preserve large natural patches of Kozienicka Oldgrowth Forest with rich undergrowth and herbaceous layer as well as interesting terrain. After its enlargement in 2001 the Park streches over  26 233,83 hectares of forest. In order to protect the forest against edge effects, a buffor zone of  36 009,62 ha has been designated encompassing neighbouring woods and fields.

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History (KPK)

Kozienice Oldgrowth Forest (formerly also called Radomska Forest) in its present day form dates back to 17th Century. Since 1607 the administration of this royal forest has been located in Kozienice. Up until the end of the Ist Republic of Poland (I Rzeczpospolita), the Forest belonged to the Royal Family. Most historical sources about Kozienice Oldgrowth Forest date back to the times of Jagiellonowie Dynasty. During that time the Forest was mostly used for game and honey hunting. Animal species composition was especially rich, Kozienice Oldgrowth Forest was home to numerous deer, elk, wild boars, beavers, brown bears, lynx, wildcats, badgers, foxes, martens, European polecats, birds of prey and waterfowl.

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