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About the Park (BPK)

Brudzeński Landscape Park was created by the County National Council (Wojewódzka Rada Narodowa) in Płock on 9th June 1988. Currently, its operation is regulated by Mazovia Governor's Regulation from 4th April 2005. The Park's area amounts to 3171 hectares and the buffer zone to 4397 ha. The Park is wholly situated in Płock administrative district, in Brudzeń Duży and Stara Biała municipalities. It encompasses the valley of Skrwa Prawa River.

The Park also encompasses adjacent forest complexes – Brwilno, Sikórz and Brudzeń and a glacial tunnel valley Karwosiecko-Cholewicka together with a strip of small lakes and peatbogs. The other tunnel valley of Wierzbica – Skrwa's tributary – falls in the buffer zone. Deep valleys and small canyons are one of the main attractions of the Park. Terrain of the Park contrasts with that of Vistula River Valley's landscape with its moraines and gentle sand dunes. The valley of Skrwa River dominates the landscape in the Park; the River cuts up to 50 meters into the outwash plain (sandr) around. There are multi-levelled fluvial terraces as well as steep banks, mini canyons and ravines which cut through them. The river meanders thus creating gorges and thresholds.

The River bifurkates and divides into three, it creates oxbows which turn into wetlands and peatlbogs. From its banks, perhaps the most beutiful view over a river valley in Mazovia can be admired. The River valley is full of glacial terrain features: eskers, kames, tunnel valleys, kettles and outwash plains. Humans have added their touch to all this and created small dams with ponds, water mills and channels inhabited by beavers. In addition to its gorgeous nature, the Park is equally interesting from a cultural point of view.

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Skrwa Prawa River

The Park's main river is Skrwa Prawa – Vistula's tributary. The Park is situated in its lower course, near the river mouth. The river's entire drainage basin comprises 1 665 square kilimeters, of which 23,83 lie within the Park's borders.


The Park's remaining surface is drained by Włocławski Reservoir. Brudzeń-river mouth section of Skrwa Prawa forms the axis and the most beautiful element of Brudzeński Landscape Park. The river mostly flows in its natural river bed and follows its natural course; it meanders, cuts into its banks, reveals tree roots and even drags them into its course thus forming natural channel debris, which enriches the river ecosystem.